The School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University (Tsinghua SEM) and the Journal of Marketing (JM) are pleased to co-host a JM-Tsinghua Research Development Workshop and a JM-Tsinghua Research Symposium on April 6-7, 2019. The workshop will be focused on developing research ideas about real-world marketing questions, while the research symposium will feature research presentations by the JM co-editors and area editors. The workshop events will include plenary speeches and small group workshops. The small group workshops will be limited to 100 marketing Ph.D. students and faculty. Ph.D. students should be in at least their second year of the program and faculty should be actively involved in research but would benefit from additional support from the workshop. To be considered for the research development workshop, potential participants will need to submit a CV and 2-page summary of a current project that could be worked on during the small group sessions. The hosts will select participants for the workshop.The research symposium will be open to a larger audience of marketing Ph.D.students and faculty members.

10.jpg Hosts

School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University

Journal of Marketing

10.jpg ORGANIZERs 

Department of Marketing, Tsinghua SEM

Journal of Marketing Science (JMS)

Tsinghua Business Review

 10.jpg DATES

 April 6-7, 2019


School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University



Christine Moorman (Duke University, Editor-in-Chief, JM)

Harald van Heerde (UNSW, Co-editor, JM)

C. Page Moreau (University of Wisconsin, Co-Editor, JM)

Jacob Goldenberg (IDC-Herzliya)

Oded Netzer (Columbia University)

Rom Schrift (University of Pennsylvania)

Kapil Tuli (Singapore Management University)


   -   Fostering research creativity

   -   Generating ideas from marketing data

   -   Using templates to develop marketing ideas

   -   Research idea feedback

   -   Using text for marketing insights

   -   Generating marketing research ideas from the real world

   -   Developing theories-in-use in marketing

   -   Question and answer with experts on the review process


Yubo Chen (Chair)

Yacheng Sun (Co-chair)

Rong Chen

Xi Liu

Chunling Yu

Wenjing Liu

Yitian Liang